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Dog Adoption Tips: pieces of advice for people who want to take a dog from the shelter

Nowadays in the conditions of war, an enormous number of animals are lacking their homes. Some irresponsible humans leave pets without any accommodation, food, care, and actually – love. They literally renounced their own mission and widely rewarding duties.

However, the U-hearts Foundation team is pleased to state that there is a huge range of people who aim to help Ukrainian pets and devote their spare time to helping pets.

It seems to us that you would also ask: “So, how to help homeless dogs and cats?” Luckily, it turns out that there are an enormous number of convenient methods connected with helping pets. One of them is about making donations. This way of helping pets allows volunteers to buy qualified food and to proceed providing more favorable conditions for animals.

In addition, you may continue helping homeless cats and dogs by feeding them. Animals will be grateful to you.

Taking a dog home from the shelter

Undoubtedly, the most efficient method of helping pets is literally connected with adopting. Therefore, if you are willing to come up with a question of how to help homeless dogs and even want to take one of them from the shelter, remember that it is a rather significant step.

While taking a dog home from the shelter, you commit to caring for this creature for the rest of its life – this can mean 10 to 15 years for dogs. As you go through lifestyle changes such as moving to a new house, having children, and new jobs, your pet will remain a constant part of your life. If circumstances change, will you still be able to care for your pet?

But in case you`re ready for taking a dog home from the shelter, it’s time to look through some cognitive pieces of advice provided in our dog adoption guide.

The most common question sounds like this:
«I want to adopt a dog from a shelter – what awaits me?»

After accepting several requests for getting some recommendations, we decided to gather some valuable tips by creating a dog adoption guide for you in case you make this important decision.

First and foremost, before getting a dog, carefully study your options and lifestyle. Determine how much time you can devote each day to walking, playing, and caring for the new family member. The chosen dog should meet your capabilities and expectations. This step will prevent you from having any hesitations in the future.

Dog adoption tips which will help you

  1. At first, when you adopt a fluffy friend from a shelter, you should understand that shelter dogs are poorly socialized and often shy. So, you may have to spend more time training at first.
  2. Before making a final decision, spend enough time with the chosen dog at the shelter. This will help you get to know the character and needs of the animal.
    Consider the specifics of the breed of the chosen dog. It is important to consider her mobility needs, grooming needs, and general breed characteristics to ensure appropriate care and environment.
  3. In the next few weeks, after adopting a dog, no relocations or family trips should be planned. You will need a lot of time to be near the pet to control the process of socialization and addiction.
  4. Let your new friend go around the whole house, sniff every object and corner, and ensure your home is a safe place for them.
  5. Another point included in our tips for dog adoption states that it’s better not to stand over the animal while eating and not disturb his sleep.
  6. You should encourage the behavior of the dog that you like and gently stop those actions that do not suit you.

Be prepared to take responsibility ties as taking a dog home from a shelter is a serious responsibility. What is more, be prepared for the commitment and provision of care for your new pet. Psychological readiness for long-term commitment is a key element of a happy and healthy coexistence.

Of course, you, as a new owner, have severe and painstaking work to do. But in return, you will get much more – the love and devotion of your pet.

A significance of helping pets

Finally, we hope that our dog adoption tips were informative and contained all the needed suggestions. Suffice it to mention that if you are surrounded by a question of how to help homeless dogs and cats, don’t be shy of looking for an answer. It is really important to help Ukrainian pets without any hesitation.

Dogs can end up in shelters for a variety of reasons. It is easy to write off these animals as problematic ones. However, with some planning and enough patience and gentleness, a dog will become your devoted friend! As we know: “A faithful friend is better than gold”. If you’re thinking about bringing a new dog into your life and helping pets in general, why not consider adopting a dog from a shelter?

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Veterinarian. Director of the Operations Department of the NGO Element of Life.

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