Pets can`t save
themselves from war, but your love and help can!

On February 24th, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. The occupiers are destroying infrastructure, schools, hospitals and homes. Hundreds of civilians were killed in Russian artillery shelling and rocket bombings. Thousands are wounded and have become refugees.
The hostages of the war are pets that were left without access to food and veterinary services. Many animals are abandoned on the streets, and shelters are on the verge of survival.

Save pets of Ukraine

Leftover food runs out quickly and shops cannot operate in dangerous places. Since there is no logistical way to deliver products to the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine, there are minimal or no products available.

Kormotech launched the initiative, Save Pets of Ukraine. The initiative provides pet food and critical supplies to Ukrainian animal welfare organizations and pet parents devastated by the Russian invasion since February 24th. We identify the problems of pet owners, zoo volunteers and shelters and help them meet their needs.

The initiative coordinates the efforts of counties across the world, including: USA, United Kingdom, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, Austria, Germany.


Shelter support

One of the important objects of our assistance are shelters for animals. Nowadays, the shelters need systematic help with food, medicine, and pets care items. So, we are currently directing our efforts to providing shelters with everything necessary.

We have also donated €154,794 of animal supplies to shelters and volunteers. These were the most important and needed items like electricity generators, portable heaters to keep the shelters warm during electricity blackouts, and transportation cages used to evacuate animals.


Vaccination is the only effective and proven way to protect animals from diseases and ailments. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of russia, the number of animals that ended up on the streets or in shelters has increased many times! Therefore, we aim to help pet shelters and animal volunteers to protect animals and people from diseases such as rabies.

Thanks to our partners, we purchased 1,000 vaccines and have already vaccinated 750 animals in Gostomel, Kharkiv, Poltava, and Kherson!

Assistance to veterinarians

Many veterinarians in Ukraine also became victims of the war and were forced to leave their usual lives, when they turned to be under russian bombs or occupation.
We undertook to support such specialists!

We helped 10 veterinarians who had their clinics destroyed by the russian bombs and started their operations from scratch after relocation. We donated veterinary medical instruments in the amount of $44,277. Furthermore, we managed to vaccinate 775 dogs.