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The whole truth of what the pet dry food consists

To begin with, the issue of helping pets is currently widespread, especially in the conditions of the war. An enormous number of people have a great desire to help Ukrainian pets, however don`t know what they should start with.

Suffice it to mention that various disputes about how to feed cats and dogs are currently eternal. The U-hearts Foundation assumes the fact that there is probably no single correct answer. Although, most owners agree that ready-made rations are considered to be rather convenient. And if you find out what dry food for pets is made of, it turns out that it is really healthy. Of course, the U-hearts Foundation team is surely talking only about high-quality diets, for example, those we deliver to the cities of Ukraine to support cutie fluffies, thus – to help Ukrainian pets.

The founder of the dry food for dogs is an American electrician who`s name is James Spratt. Nowadays, the nutritionists and veterinarians are involved in the development of recipes, and the quality of dry food is completely controlled by various inspection bodies.

Ingredients which are included in the dry food are carefully selected in accordance with a pet food manufacturer’s specific recipe, created with an aim of providing animals with complete and balanced nutrition for both cats and dogs. Dry ingredients are generally ground and sieved where required and then they are mixed.

So, dry food for pets generally contains:

  • meat components (optional);
  • fats (animal and vegetable ones);
  • fiber (vegetables);
  • cereals, potatoes, and other sources of carbohydrates;
  • vitamin and mineral complex;
  • probiotics and prebiotics.

This is a general description of what dry food for pets consists of. Finally, we are aware of what dry cat or dog food is made of, and even know that there is nothing dreadful and dangerous in its composition. Last but not least you understand that a good manufacturer has nothing wrong with dry food recipes.
The U-hearts Foundation states that each dog and cat needs a complete diet, especially in winter. In particular, those of them who are forced to live outside and struggle from cold weather.

So, how can we help homeless animals?

Buying good and qualified dry food is literally one of the most efficient ways of helping pets. As we know, warm animal’s feeding is also rather favorable, although such food is more likely to contain unwanted nutritional supplements and spoils much faster. Thus, while willing to help Ukrainian pets, having a desire to buy food for them, focus on dry food feeding.

You may keep on helping homeless cats and dogs due to buying dry-food for them. Although, the U-hearts Foundation volunteers want to remind you of one significant thing. In order to effectively help Ukrainian pets with providing food, at first it is needed to follow all the feed storage rules. The most common one says that it is forbidden to place animal`s food in a sunny place so as to avoid it`s quick spoilage.

At last, the U-hearts Foundation team urges everyone to actively help Ukrainian pets and aspire to find answers to the question of how to help homeless animals.

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Veterinarian. Director of the Operations Department of the NGO Element of Life.

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