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A Lithuanian fund U-Hearts Foundation is helping Ukrainian animals to survive in war conditions

War in Ukraine has claimed happy life not just of people but also pets. In order to create the future life for them, information assistance is important. On May 24-27 we will be on the stand of the initiative Save pets of Ukraine on the Interzoo exhibition in the German city of Nurnberg.

During war action in Ukraine, there have been over 100 000 of such animals. A great number of those experienced shellings, were wounded and psychologically traumatized. The number of casualties is relentlessly growing. With the aim of saving their lives and providing for their basic needs the Lithuanian non-profit organization U-Hearts Foundation along with the initiative Save pets of Ukraine have contributed to their rescue.

U-Hearts – is an initiative which has multi-branch and well – adjusted network of humanitarian aid delivery for shelters, volunteers and the needy on all the territory of Ukraine. Our volunteers distribute animal food and other kinds of aid through the network of regional logistic centres prioritizing frontline areas, and thoroughly providing accountability and financial reporting on the application of aid.

Since the start of war the fund succeeded in purchasing and transporting to Ukraine essential goods for pets and families who did not evacuate from the shelled areas; and also over 100 tons of pet food, also signing a contract on production of another 200 tons. Our research shows that at the present moment Ukrainian pets need 100 tons of food per week. Moreover, our organization launches programs for treatment and vaccination of pets that suffered from war, provides information on proper care and helps find new families. For U-Hearts to be able to continue saving lives of animals your help is necessary.

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Project manager at U-Hearts Foundation

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