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Supporting Homeless Pets: 2 stories of animal rescue

At the U-Hearts Foundation, we stand firmly behind our mission to help homeless pets find safety, comfort, and loving homes. Through making our best efforts and providing unwavering support, we aspire to make a visible difference in the lives of countless animals who deserve a chance at happiness.

Oksana’s Story of Helping Homeless Cats and Dogs

Meet Oksana, a compassionate individual from Mykolaiv, who aims to help stray dogs and cats, and whose love for animals contains no bounds. Despite her professional background in accounting, Oksana’s heart strongly belongs to the sphere of animal rescue. She is motivated by a huge passion that came up over a decade ago when she couldn’t let homeless animals suffer in silence.

Helping Homeless Cats and Dogs: Oksana’s Journey

Oksana’s activity started modestly, caring about the needs of stray animals in her neighborhood. What began as a first attempt soon turned into a widespread effort covering nine neighborhoods.

“… Over the years, we’ve spayed and neutered many cats and dogs, and lots of them have found new homes. I’ve had to rescue animals in bad shape, too, like when they’ve been hit by cars or gotten sick from eating something bad. Seeing them find happy homes is the best feeling in the world!”

Oksana’s incredible dedication to helping homeless cats and dogs has a powerful impact on the lives of many animals, offering them food, shelter, and crucial medical care.


Help Pet Shelters as Save Pets of Ukraine Does

In times of instability, such as during the war, Oksana and her fellow volunteers received invaluable support from organizations like Save Pets of Ukraine. This significant assistance emphasized that even in the most dangerous conditions, it is needed to help pet shelters.

Home of Angels Proceeds to Help Stray Dogs and Cats

Located in the village of Cherkasky Tyshky in the Kharkiv region, the shelter called “Home of Angels” presents a compelling example of sharing such traits as resilience and unconditional compassion. Even despite facing various challenges of conflict and displacement, Olena, the shelter’s owner`s attitude, has remained the same concerning her commitment to the animals under her care.

Follow Olena’s Courageous Efforts and Help Homeless Pets

Olena’s story is one of remarkable bravery and real compassion. Even despite the massive issues of war and occupation, she refused to leave the animals entrusted to her care. With resolute determination and a strong desire to help homeless pets.

Here is her comment: “In the first days of the full-scale invasion, I found myself under Russian occupation. At that time, I had 120 animals under my care. I didn’t leave anyone behind! I stayed with them, took in the abandoned ones, and then managed to evacuate about 300 animals. I tried to return to the Ukrainian-controlled territory through Europe and continued to rescue animals. Unfortunately, some of my animals remained in the occupied territory, and I have no way to bring them back from there, but they are taken care of, and they are safe! Now I have 120 dogs and 80 cats under my care. Help is urgently needed! Because we are in Cherkasky Tyshky, the village is often under shelling, so I’m trying to find a safer place to evacuate my animals!”

Help Pet Shelters Including Cherkasky Tyshky’s Shelter

Despite several challenges posed by the ongoing war, Olena proceeds to assist 120 dogs and 80 cats. However, the shelter’s location leaves it vulnerable to shelling, necessitating insistent support to guarantee the safety and well-being of its inhabitants.

Join Our Initiative and Support Animal Shelter

As we react to these encouraging narratives of incredible resilience and compassion, let us not forget that a huge number of animals are still in need of assistance. Together, we can make a great and positive difference in the lives of homeless pets, surrounding them with hope, love, and a better tomorrow. Join us and help the animal shelter, contributing to the welfare of stray dogs and cats. Together, by uniting our strongest efforts, we get a great chance to become the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

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