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Touching Stories of Four Cats

In the conditions of war, it is important to keep on helping pets so that we remember about our fluffy friends – those who initially become our best friends and support us without words in the most difficult and complicated times. Recently, the U-hearts Foundation team had a wonderful chance to help the “Best Friend” shelter in Kryvyi Rih, thus we are very glad to announce the following news:

The cats to whom we will introduce you, are from different cities, although all of them were accommodated in the same cat shelter in Kryvyi Rih.

😸 Alistraza

At the beginning of the war, an owner of this cutie went to the ranks of the Armed Forces in order to defend his country. Therefore Alistraza ended up in the cat shelter, and we are all waiting for her owner to return so that Alistraza was at home again next to the person she truly loves.

😻 Mika

Little Mika was evacuated from a little shelter in the city of Mykolaiv, which was heavily bombed. The U-hearts Foundation team took this little girl and treated her. She needs a loving, caring family very much.

😸 Felix

Felix came to us from Novovorontsovka. His elderly owners wanted to take him to Kryvyi Rih, but they had nowhere to live together, so Felix came to us.

😻 Koks

Handsome Koks’s full name is Koksokhim, the same as a Coke and Chemical Plant, the production of which is popular in the Donetsk region. Koks’s owner was a soldier who died. So the furry boy also ended up in the shelter. The handsome fluffy is already of a respectable age, about 11 years old.

In accordance with the recent contributions, we have a great desire to share the following results of helping pets:

In February, the U-hearts Foundation team delivered 210 kg of dog food from Greater Good to the shelter. Also, we provided food from Pets Corner and brands:

For dogs:

  • 108kg from Symply,
  • 42 kg by MC Adams,
  • 90 kg of YORA food,
  • 90 kg of Green Acres for puppies.

For cats:

  • 100 kg of MORE,
  • 42 kg by MC Adams,
  • 42 kg of Symply.

In addition, 7 cats who came from the Pets Corner Christmas campaign were handed over to the shelter. We surely aim to continue helping homeless cats and dogs, saving more and more pets, and we keep doing it together with our partners to whom we are also grateful!

Finally, everyone should help Ukrainian pets day after day. The U-hearts Foundation team often shares some cognitive pieces of advice so that kind-hearted people know how to proceed helping pets effectively. Join our initiative and you’ll be hugely inspired with your own activity. Due to looking for an answer to the question of how to help homeless animals, we approach the lightest future surrounded with happy Ukrainian pets.

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