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A Tale of Hope and Help

First and foremost, our U-hearts Foundation team actively works on helping homeless cats and dogs, and furthermore – encourages all people around to do that also. We come across countless heartwarming stories of real-life examples of pet rescues, and these moments fill our volunteers’ hearts with pride.

Furthermore, the U-hearts Foundation is really pleased to hear that the question: “how can we help animals?” is rather topical today.

And now we want to share one more exciting story about helping pets with you.

Head of the Happy Dog Shelter, Oksana, from Kirovohrad Region, possesses helping homeless animals as her key mission. She told us a story about the shelter and its animals. In addition, Oksana shared some photos of the shelter residents and expressed her sincere gratitude, as the U-hearts Foundation team was able to provide them with food through a collaboration with Greater Good.

🐾 There currently are 299 animals in the shelter, and each of them has its own unique tale.

🐾 Established in 2014, the organization found its shelter premises in 2016 through a lease from the Kropyvnytskyi city council.

🐾 The outbreak of war impacted the shelter’s activity. Initially, animals were returned to the shelter as families left the city. Then, the first 6-7 months of the war presented a temporary halt in adoptions. However, the situation gradually improved over time.

🐾 During the early stages of the war, the number of shelter residents significantly increased.

But amidst the adversity, hope luckily emerged. Adoptions started to flourish once again, expanding beyond the shelter’s borders. Many people aimed to help Ukrainian pets. In the autumn and winter seasons, 31 lucky animals embarked on a journey to find loving homes in France and Germany. And just recently, in April of this year, 27 more furry friends set off to join their forever families in France.

The U-hearts Foundation team is enormously happy to share the following news. We are literally over the moon while figuring out that fluffies finally find their homes and true companions. Unconditionally, we should go on helping pets day after day as they need our care and attention. It is rather essential to know how can we help animals in order to effectively provide all needed assistance for them.

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