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The Power of Helping Stray Animals

In the Ukrainian reality of war caused by the Russian invasion, there exists a silent population of creatures often forgotten—the stray animals. These innocent beings wander the streets, yearning for love and waiting for humans who will help Ukrainian pets.

Nowadays even animals who had homes were abandoned and lately brought to the shelters. So these places are overloaded and volunteers have a wide necessity of being supported by people. We need to find an answer to the question of how can we help homeless animals.

The Happy Dog House shelter in the Odesa region is one of those the U-hearts Foundation helped with food in March 🌟

Anastasia is the owner of this shelter. A few months before the start of the full-scale invasion, she tried to save 13 dogs. She aspired to find a way to accommodate them somewhere and save their lives. In the midst of her search, she came across an abandoned house 200 km from the city of Odesa. This became the beginning of the Happy Dog ​​House shelter’s existence.

“We had to fix everything here, buy out this house, make repairs and aviaries in order to keep on helping pets. But in a couple of months, a full-scale war began, and instead of taking care of 13 dogs, we started working non-stop,” says Anastasia.

Now there are more than 50 dogs in the shelter. Among them are old or sick dogs for whom the shelter has become a full-fledged home, as well as those trying to be accommodated in a family 🐾

“We sometimes manage to adopt dogs abroad, although it is challenging and expensive. Recently, Tsatsa went to the Netherlands and another dog to Germany. Each dog has its own character, so we responsibly look for its parents. Frankly, I don’t have much time, and your help with the feed was very important!”

The U-hearts Foundation team is so glad to be able to help such caring people as Anastasia to make more pets happy! ❤

Undoubtedly helping pets is our mission today. You can also help Ukrainian pets by providing volunteers with assistance while visiting local shelters, feeding stray fluffies, etc.

In addition, the U-hearts Foundation team is eager to provide you with a useful link for making donations: https://u-hearts.com/supportourwork/ .

Finally you should remember that everything is in your hands thus try to figure out how can you help animals and keep on making a contribution due to carrying out noble deeds.

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