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A Story With Happy End

Today the U-hearts Foundation team is ready to provide you with a touching story straight from Kherson Region. Furthermore you will have an opportunity to learn how to help homeless cats and dogs by one more effective method.

Lyubov is a 73-year-old resident of Kherson who woke up one morning because of the news of the explosion at the Kakhovska Dam.

Lyubov previously lived alone in her private house with her cat and dog whose name is Druzhok. As the water began to recede, she managed to rescue her cat, but Druzhok was unfortunately left behind.

“I was in my robe and slippers, that’s all. Nowadays the water in the house is almost reaching the ceiling. But frankly speaking I don’t care about the furniture or other belongings; I’m only worried about not being able to save Druzhok! My animals gave me movement and a huge source of energy. I woke up every morning, spent more time outdoors, and took shelter during the shelling only for my cat and dog.”

Not long ago in one of the news clips, Lyubov luckily figured out that some brave men saved her beloved Druzhok! And that’s the point from which the story of searching began.

The U-hearts Foundation team successfully found the contact of the guy who filmed that video. Through various negotiations, we finally connected with the volunteers who saved Druzhok at that time.

Despite the following pleasant information, everyone remained unsure whether Druzhok stayed in Kherson or was evacuated to a shelter.

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending, as Druzhok was rescued and evacuated along with other animals to a shelter in Kyiv. As soon as Lyubov is able to restore her home and bring him back, Druzhok will definitely be reunited with his loving family.

Finally the U-hearts Foundation team suggests helping pets on a regular basis. It is surely needed to look forward to finding an answer to the question of how to help homeless animals. No shadow of hesitation should surround us while searching ways to help Ukrainian pets.

Besides, one more measure which can be taken while helping pets is right here! Below the U-hearts Foundation team presents all important links for donating:

If you live in a European country, this link is literally for you: https://app.payhere.co/u-hearts/u-hearts-foundation. Donations are carried out in euros.

For people who live in the USA: https://greatergood.org/savepetsofukraine. By the following way you can help Ukrainian pets through our main partner – Greater Good Charities.

And summing up Ukrainians can support the initiative of Save Pets of Ukraine due to the following link https://secure.wayforpay.com/donate/d256ed66e4364.

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