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The story of a veterinarian from Mariupol

U-hearts Foundation is very pleased to share one more mesmerizing story about the veterinarian who is addicted to helping pets. Mykhailo has been working as a veterinarian since 2003. In 2008, he started his own business and in 2017, independently built a two-story clinic in order to help Ukrainian pets. He was able to equip it with absolutely everything that evidence-based veterinary medicine needs. Among these techniques for helping cats and dogs are equipment for orthopedics, diagnostics, X-ray, ultrasound, signaling devices, etc.

“The only thing that didn’t have time to install was solar panels. This equipment could allow the clinic to be completely independent. The fact that the 8 year old war was near Mariupol caused some hesitations” – Mykhailo shares his experience with the U-hearts Foundation.

In February, when Russian troops began to capture Mariupol, Mykhailo stayed there until the end and kept on helping pets. He treated animals, helped people, gave several bags of medicines to Ukrainian policemen to treat the wounded. Mykhailo decided to leave only when his clinic was destroyed after a rocket and he was not able to help Ukrainian pets, providing them with a highly-qualified medicine.

Mykhailo has now resumed his work in Ivano-Frankivsk. Luckily, the team of the U-hearts Foundation was able to provide him with surgical instruments, which were in constant need. There is also a lack of more serious equipment for his work, which will be able to diagnose, treat and help Ukrainian pets much more effectively.
You are also surrounded with a question of how to help Ukrainian pets, aren’t you? U-hearts Foundation will proceed sharing its expertise and recommend an enormous number of options for helping pets in the conditions of the war.

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