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The story of a veterinarian from Kharkiv

A story of a brave veterinarian from Kharkiv city to whom the U-hearts Foundation team delivered help.

Yaroslav Shumko is a veterinarian from Kharkiv who keeps on helping cats, dogs and other animals. The city has been under the threat of Russian occupation for months until in September the Ukrainian army liberated the surrounding region. Shellings and missile attacks on Kharkiv are still happening daily.

Yaroslav has transformed his mini-bus into a mobile veterinary clinic the main option of which is to help Ukrainian pets. He treats animals and runs spay and neuter operations in the Kharkiv region, visiting small towns and villages and helping pets.

“We just returned from the city of Chuhuiv. We have been operating for a few days in a row. From morning till the late evening. Sometimes with electricity, but sometimes for 1.5 days without it. In four days we managed to do over 40 surgeries – besides offering veterinary counseling, therapies, dentist treatments, and many other things. We had quite complicated cases, and I am very grateful to the volunteers who were helping pets and assisting me, to God, and, of course, to all those who are helping with donations. Together we managed to do it all.” – says Yaroslav to the U-hearts Foundation team.

“We wouldn’t be able to do so many surgeries without the sutures and the instruments that the U-Hearts Foundation sent us. You can’t even imagine how much you did for helping pets, their families, and volunteers. Thank you for this important contribution.” – he also added.

Finally, we should daily ask ourselves about one important issue: “How can we help homeless animals?” The U-Hearts Foundation is deeply sure that the point of helping pets currently ranks among the key ones. We must not forget about our fluffy companions.

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