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The story of one shelter in Myrnograd

The city of Myrnograd, Donetsk region, is one of the frontline cities of this region. This is a small town with industrial enterprises and mines where about 50 thousand people lived before the war.

Here is one more story from the U-hearts Foundation. The animal shelter the members of which help Ukrainian pets on the basis of the Myrnograd Society for the Protection of Animals was established by Svitlana 5 years ago, and is currently under her care: 84 cats, 179 dogs, chickens and even a pig that she once rescued from an animal exploiting owner. And the number of animals has been continuously increasing.

“We have new animals and help Ukrainian pets almost every day. Someone brings the injured ones or those who have been knocked down on the road, some are left by people who are leaving the city and we pick them up ourselves. Recently, 8 puppies were dropped off, of which only 3, by some miracle, managed to be placed in a family.” – says Svitlana.

In 30 km from Myrnograd is the almost completely destroyed city of Avdiyivka, where hostilities continue. Therefore, everyone who stays there is always in extreme danger. Nevertheless, Svitlana was able to provide the shelter with a supply of coal and firewood for heating in winter. She keeps on helping pets.

“We bought coal, and we collect firewood for heating in winter, so this need does not bother us so much anymore. The main need while helping animals is always food and medicine. Every day, cats and dogs need at least 5 bags of food. And also sterilization, which is extremely expensive in the city,” says Svitlana.

The team of the U-hearts Foundation asked the brave owner of the shelter what motivates her to dedicate herself to helping cats and dogs.

“In fact, the issue of helping pets is my childhood dream. All my childhood, I brought home animals left on the street. It’s good that my mother encouraged this. Until March 2022, my husband and I were developing our business, and taking care of the animals was a secondary concern. Now I am around animals 24/7. What motivates me to ask a question of how to help homeless animals? Love of course. Love for animals. I was invited to go abroad, but to take only 5 animals, but how do I leave them? This is already my big family.”

Do you still have a question of how to help Ukrainian pets?

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