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Helping Pets in Orihiv as an Expression of Kindness

We want to tell you a story about courage and kindness. This is a true and rather captivating narrative about the issue of helping homeless cats and dogs.

The following photos were taken by our volunteer from the city of Orihiv in the Zaporizhia region. Despite the fact that nowadays the city suffers from continuous shelling of massive rockets, Stanislav and his wife try to feed 100+dogs and 40+cats every day. They consider the mission of helping pets to be very significant and definitely meaningful for every Ukrainian.

Thanks to Greater Good the volunteers of U-hearts Foundation managed to deliver 500 kilograms of dog food and 100 kilograms of cat food to Orihiv and thanks to Stanislav, they are currently full and at least a little bit happier.

You can also help Ukrainian pets by joining the initiative of U-hearts Foundation in any way. Thus, let`s overview all suggested pieces of advice and answer the question of how to help homeless animals in the conditions of the war:

  • Support us with financial grants and donations.
  • Become a partner in purchasing of vaccines.
  • Share information on social networks.

The lives of our fluffy friends are in our hands! U-hearts Foundation team advises you to help Ukrainian pets, using all present possibilities. We are sure that you will definitely find an answer to the question which sounds like: how to help homeless dogs and cats. It is just needed to have a piece of desire and empathy.

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