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Eye-catching Story About Pretty Animals

If you are currently surrounded with a question of how to help homeless animals, this issue will be solved right now.

U-hearts Foundation has prepared a new narrative connected with helping pets by kindhearted humans. The owners of these pretty puppies were provided with 20 kg of food for dogs and 20 kg of cat`s nutricion. And we want to share their story.

In this picture you can see seven-year-old Maks, Lusie aged two and a half, Misha and Magnatik are peers – they are eight and a half years old. These animals became members of the family even before the war.

Magnatik is brought from the shelter. Maks was one of the helpless puppies being abandoned. Someone was not happy with them, and coolly took them right to the forest.

However luckily, these brave people had successfully saved them. They found a new home for other puppies while Max was staying with them.

Some time later a family adopted an adult pug. It was also cured and saved. The story of another dog which`s name is Lusie is rather sorrowful. It was bullied, beaten with sticks and thrown with firecrackers. Fortunately, Lusie also ended up in a family of people who truly and sincerely love her. This puppy turned out to be a real dog rehabilitator, children from all over the area love to play with her.

Now this large family lives in Sumy, so they are always under the threat of shelling and rocket attacks. Unfortunately, many animals still remain in such situations and really need our help. Thus, helping pets should be one of the most rewarding issues of every Ukrainian. U-hearts Foundation suggests you to help Ukrainian pets without any shadow of hesitation.

Follow the link in order to figure out how to help homeless animals

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