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Compassionate Heart Makes a Miracle

Nowadays, and in our entire life in general, we should go on helping pets. The question of how can we help homeless animals is still rather widespread. That’s why we should keep on solving the issues, making our best efforts.

Currently many animals suffer from the absence of accommodation and today’s narrative will prove that shelters should be provided in every Ukrainian city.

We would like to represent you the story of Olena Starykova who is an outstanding Ukrainian artist, a conservatory professor, and a soloist at the opera and ballet theater. In addition to her artistic pursuits, she keeps on helping pets and what is more – has even created a shelter for cats.

“A year before the war, a residential building which was situated in front of my house collapsed. People moved out and abandoned the animals. A bit later the war started, and the number of stray animals significantly increased. I actually decided to help Ukrainian pets and arrange a separate enclosed area on my veranda, where 20 cats currently reside,” Olena shares.

“They are all special, and I appreciate each of them! There’s a little cat without eyes, and I consider myself his mother because I’ve been nurturing him since birth. I want to thank you for your help! May the Lord protect you!”

The U-hearts Foundation team is incredibly proud to have the opportunity to assist remarkable individuals like Olena who are into the process of helping homeless animals. After all, pets can’t save themselves from war, but your love and help can!

So as usual we figure out a rewarding question such as: how can we help animals ?

In fact an enormous number of ways of helping pets exist. Adopting, feeding, taking a fluffy to the veterinarian if needed – all of these deeds are significant. But the quickest one is donating:

Summing up, help Ukrainian pets, don’t leave them in trouble.

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