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The Story about Human and Animal’s Faithful Cooperation

Not long ago the U-hearts Foundation team which aims on helping pets figured out that about 15 explosive devices and substances were found by the police dog Bars while in the Kyiv region.

In the photo you can see the dog trainer Andrii with his faithful colleague Bars. After the liberation of the territories of the Kyiv region from the russian occupation, they, together with other specialists, patrolled Irpin, Bucha, Gostomel. Together with Bars, they checked the area for the remaining explosive devices.

Andrii recalls that during their stay in Irpin, a well-known story happened when a resident of Buchi, returning home to the liberated city, noticed that her ten-year-old daughter’s music awards, which were always on the piano lid, had changed their location. A police officer with a dog was called to the scene, which confirmed that the piano was mined. And sappers found a grenade under the hammers of a musical instrument.

U-hearts Foundation has discovered that Bars has its own history of the completed task. From time to time, dogs were called to a certain area to search for caches of weapons. Thus, policeman of the Kyiv region had information that the russians, retreating, made a cache of weapons in the forest and near one of the villages in the Kyiv region. – “Arriving along the appropriate route, Bars ran for 15 minutes and sat down near one of the fallen trees. It was a sign that there must be something there. Employees of the explosives service checked and confirmed: grenades, rocket launchers for RPG-5, TNT grenades, detonators and explosive devices,” — says Andriy to the U-hearts Foundation members.

We are incredibly proud to be able to help such talented professionals! The canine service received food, dog bowls, cages and carriers, cots and ammunition from us.

Due to this narrative we realize the significance of animal`s help, especially nowadays. That’s why we also ought to keep on helping pets.
Finally if you are still surrounded with a question of how to help homeless animals, follow the pieces of advice provided by the U-hearts Foundation team which are given in other posts. Help Ukrainian pets having no doubts or hesitations. Your noble deeds will return to you in the way you wish them to appear.

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