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A Cat Whose Name is Boycot

The U-hearts Foundation team is happy to share another captivating story from the shelter which is situated in Kharkiv, to which we provided “adaptation kits” with necessities for pets in order to encourage more people to adopt fluffies and help Ukrainian pets in general.

Recently one more beautiful creature has found a beloved and caring family! 💝

This cat named Boycot survived in the conditions of occupation. He previously lived in the trenches next to the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Due to the occurrences of life connected with living in the trenches and constant shelling, the cat got an infectious eye disease and almost lost his sight. On January 8, the military handed the cat to the Kharkiv shelter with a purpose of saving him and finding a new family for a new sworn brother. Veterinarians took care of Boycot and removed the inflammation of the eyes.

And now the U-hearts Foundation is rather glad to announce that this brave cat already lives in the family 🏡❤ The people who adopted him immediately fell in love with this cute fluffy. So, Boycot is surrounded by warmth, attention, and care. And we are jubilant with this fascinating news!

Thanks to different volunteers and charity funds which aim on helping pets, Boycot has found a home and luckily – wonderful family.

A little summary of how can we help homeless animals according to the story about this charming cat:

  • If you see an injured animal, take it to the nearest hospital. You have a chance to save someone’s life thus don`t disregard it.
  • You can also help Ukrainian pets by making donations to animal charity organizations.
  • Share posts about fluffies who are in need of home or adopt the one in case you have such a wonderful opportunity.

Summing up, the U-hearts Foundation literally states that by keeping kindness towards animals we approach both our victory which will change the life of every Ukrainian person and pet for the better, and the magnificent future of our nation. Thus, help Ukrainian pets so that all the best will return to you!

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