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Why is it essential to sterilize animals from a shelter?

U-hearts Foundation believes that sterilization is actually considered to rank among humane and definitely effective methods of regulation of the number of homeless animals recognized by specialists and international organizations. Therefore, this procedure is one of the most powerful ways of helping pets, especially in the conditions of the war.

The issue of homeless animals was present before the russian invasion. Although, when hundreds of animals were suddenly left without any accommodation (due to shelling or irresponsible owners), the problem became rather outstanding again. Shelters keep on helping pets by accepting victims of the war on a regular basis. Unfortunately, nowadays the amount of homeless animals is enormously huge.

Some people are surrounded with an issue of how to help Ukrainian pets, although are afraid of neutering animals, as it’s said that such measures may cause a sudden change in pet`s behaviour or a deterioration of their state of health and even premature death. Veterinarians state that the majority of these warnings are myths. Sterilization does not affect the lifespan of animals at all. In addition, it does not lead to the fact that animals start to get sick rather often. Regarding weight – fluffy companions are likely to gain weight, although a healthy balanced diet will allow you to control it.

Why is animal sterilization good for helping pets? Or how to help homeless animals by carrying out such a procedure?

?The fact of allowing animals to endure, give birth and feed a new living being, or even several of them is said to be a colossal energy expenditure for them. The body won’t always recover quickly despite staying in good condition.
?Pregnancy is a tricky jump in the level of hormones. This thing can hit the body even more than the birth itself.
?Don`t forget about the diseases that result from constant pregnancies. Constant childbirth exhausts the animal’s body and leads to such diseases as: prostatitis, pyometra, cysts and tumors on the ovaries, uterus and testicles. In such a case, helping pets needs to be initially carried out. At an older age, animals often have to receive a sterilization based on medical indications, however the risk of anesthesia and postoperative complications increases significantly.
?Also, thanks to sterilization, you will not only save one life but also prevent the painful death of the unborn homeless. So, you will help Ukrainian pets. At least, the majority of them.
? U-hearts Foundation states that an animal, which was sterilized on time, lives 3-5 years longer than an unsterilized one because the endocrine system does not wear out, and the body ages much more slowly.
?Sterilization does not affect the hunting instinct or character of the animal. For instance, if the dog was your excellent security before the operation, it will still remain so.

Finally, the U-hearts Foundation team regards sterilization as one of the most convenient ways of helping pets. It is needed to keep in mind that we should help Ukrainian pets.

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Veterinarian. Director of the Operations Department of the NGO Element of Life.

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