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The Significance of Helping Pets in Ukraine

Now we`ll discuss the theme of why is it important to help Ukrainian pets.

At first, suffice it to mention that since the war started, a giant quantity of animals were under the threat of death.

Shelters were left without means of subsistence and were unable to take care of even more animals. This poses a great threat as it can cause uncontrolled breeding and spread of diseases. And that is one of the main reasons why it is needed to help Ukrainian pets.

Due to such a dreadful occasion, the U-hearts Foundation team has created its initiative, thanks to the funds that the members manage to collect, they help to feed shelters, animal volunteers, and conduct vaccinations. Being surrounded with an aim of helping pets, we managed to even get to hot spots, such as Donetsk, Kharkiv and Chernobyl.

How to help Ukrainian pets? What are the variants?

It’s not a secret that you can also influence the fate of abandoned animals that are forced to survive. Each donation is valuable, because it ensures to help Ukrainian pets. You can make it by following the link in our bio (in Facebook and Linkedin just a link to the donation)

And now you will read a piece of captivating news from U-hearts Foundation. Thanks to our faceful volunteers, we were able to deliver aid to animals in the de-occupied territories of Kharkiv region: Izyum, Balakleya, Shevchenkovo, Kupiansk, Cherkaski Tishky, Kozacha Lopan. A lot of buildings were destroyed by the occupants and many families murdered. An enormous number of pets currently need help.

In this video you can see the bombed nursery for Alabai dogs, which was hit by explosions 8 times. Luckily, the owners of this nursery took care of the animals, so they survived. In return, we helped these furry animals with food.

In addition, the U-hearts Foundation team managed to get almost 2 tons of dog food and a ton of cat food to these areas. So, if you still think about how to help homeless animals, read our posts and take action.

We are very grateful to such kind-hearted volunteers as Andrey Diagilev Litvinov Karen Zhadan Stas and charitable organizations “Volya” and Volonterska_ua for their incredible courage.

You can help Ukrainian pets too. If you also care about the fate of animals affected by the war, you can help them due to these ways:

  • Support us with financial grants and donations.
  • Become a partner in purchasing of vaccines.
  • Share information on social networks.

Helping pets is our mission.

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Project manager at U-Hearts Foundation

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