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Saving Ukrainian Pets From the Threats of the War

One more compelling story from the U-hearts Foundation team also connected with helping pets is here! To start with, in the following photo you can see Buddy. Buddy is a Newfoundland dog from Hydropark which is situated in Kherson (this area of Kherson was the first to be flooded).

His owners took him in as a little puppy and still firmly love Buddy.

The dog bravely endured the occupation alongside his owners, being the victim of constant shelling. However, during the explosion of the Kakhovska Dam and the resulting massive flood, Buddy got enormously scared and suddenly escaped through a gap in the fence. His owners were looking for him tirelessly, even going out on the water, but Buddy was nowhere to be found. Luckily, the dog was saved by exhausted, yet resilient volunteers and brought to the Babenets Animal Shelter in Kyiv, along with other saved dogs.

Currently, Buddy is experiencing severe stress as he awaits his return to Kherson and the long-awaited reunion with his owners, who are also eagerly waiting for his return.

The U-hearts Foundation team is also looking forward to their looming meeting. We firmly believe that Buddy will finally recover from dreadful conditions that he was forced to face due to being in the circle of his loving family.

Summing up below you can overview special links for helping pets by making donations:

If you live in a European country, this link is literally for you:

https://app.payhere.co/u-hearts/u-hearts-foundation. Donations are carried out in euros.

For people who live in the USA: https://greatergood.org/savepetsofukraine. By the following way you can help Ukrainian pets through our main partner – Greater Good Charities.

And Ukrainians can help Ukrainian pets due to the following link https://secure.wayforpay.com/donate/d256ed66e4364.

Finally, the U-hearts Foundation team states that it is rather significant to figure out how to help homeless animals, especially nowadays. Please don’t be aloof, however keep on helping pets.

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