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Reporting of the activities of the foundation

6 months ago the U-Hearts Foundation was established to help the pets suffering from the war in Ukraine. We prepared a long, but super interesting report!

In a such short period, a lot happened. Together, we saved a large number of injured animals from hunger and diseases. Shelters and kennels were provided with food. We also met brave people who save and never abandon animals and leave them to their own devices.

But we would like to thank our partners: Greater Good Charities, Kormotech, NGO Element of life, IFAW, VAFO, United Petfood, Pet Industry Federation (PIF), Pets Around the World. They became our rear, thanks to which we were able to achieve such results.

We’ve prepared a long, but super interesting report!

Financial statistics:

  • Financial grants and donations: EUR 215,057.06.
  • Value of in-kind donations: EUR 518,578.26.
  • Total income: EUR 733,635.32.
  • Administrative expenses of the foundation are only 3.35%. Thus all your money goes directly to helping animals.
  • Expenses:Transportation of fodder and donations from the European countries to Ukraine and distribution within Ukraine: EUR 109,801.19.
  • Purchase of food in addition to the donations received: EUR 59,767.59.
  • A total of: fodder received and given away as aid: EUR 472,949,19. Cats and dogs from different regions of Ukraine can count on our support.
  • Supplies for animals: medicine, surgical materials, cages, carriers, leashes, fillers, sets for traveling animals: in the amount of EUR 105,396.66

And now the most important thing!

We received and distributed a total of 414,6 tons of pet food

  • 75,240 kg of cats’ feed — 37,620 cats were fed.
  • 339,420 kg of dogs’ feed — 67,884 dogs were fed.
  • 1000 vaccines were purchased

To counter the spread of rabies, we procured 1000 vaccines and launched a vaccination campaign

  • 100 dogs in Kharkiv
  • 150 dogs in Gostomel
  • 125 dogs in the Chornobyl
  • 100 dogs in Poltava

We want to thank all those brave and fearless people who take care of little fluffs!

Pets can’t save themself from war, but your love and help can!

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Project manager at U-Hearts Foundation

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