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Our assistance has no limits 💙

59,723 kg of food, 16,252 packs of vaccines and medical supplies, along with other essentials, have been provided to furry friends this productive autumn. And that’s not all!


  • 300 000 of rescued cats and dogs
  • 409 cages and carries
  • 405 beds and blankets
  • 2627 toys
  • 22 888 medications and vaccines
  • 1350 lashers and collars
  • 10 vets received medical instruments
  • 15 dog houses
  • 4 generators and 11 heaters


🔹 Collaborating with Worldwide vets, we successfully vaccinated and sterilized 1700 pets in Irpin and Zaporizhzhia region.

🔹 Supporting vet volunteers from VetVac with all necessary things, 46 pets were sterilized, and 189 were vaccinated against rabies.

🔹 Thanks to Pet Industry Federation and Johnsons vet company, we could to donate 2506 packages of antiparasitic treatments to cities in Ukraine and treat 15036 dogs!

Additionally, we want to extend our thanks to Greater Good Charities for globally supporting our organization by providing pet food. We can donate quality food to different parts of Ukraine, keeping furry friends well-fed this winter!

We try to ease the upcoming winter for pets, uniting with our partners so expect good news soon!

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Project manager at U-Hearts Foundation

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