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Patronage Programme and It’s First Outcomes

According to recently conducted research, the quantity of Ukrainian animals who live in shelters have increased to 60%. This fact disappoints volunteers day after day, although we can do nothing but provide assistance to them. The U-hearts Foundation team is always in search of ways to help animals find their beloved family.

Now we have a great desire to share cognitive and even positive facts about helping pets by organizing the national patronage of shelters. Surely it is needed to mention that the idea concerning the patronage of animal shelters is a vital aspect of animal welfare. Due to this, shelters may rely on the support of the community in order to provide care for homeless and abandoned animals.

Here you can observe the key aims of the patronage programme:

  • Creating a new culture of searching the accommodation for fluffies.
  • Increasing the chances for animals to find their caring families.
  • Providing the main needs for animals.

Among the stages of this process are: selection of candidates, preventive medical measures, adoption and finally – finding an accommodation.

Within these 2 months, the Save Pets of Ukraine initiative has been actively testing the shelter patronage program. And now the U-hearts Foundation team is very jubilant to share the first results. According to outcomes, we can evolve this system and implement it at a larger scale.

So even despite the fact that the following project is currently considered to be tested in Ukraine, the success tends to be visible. Positive outcomes don’t stop making a positive impression on the volunteers of the U-hearts Foundation team and other charity organizations.

During the time of testing this program, 28 animals have been taken under the patronage, and 12 of them have already found their new owners!

We will keep on mentioning that the patronage’s mission is to promote the culture of adopting animals, and to give the opportunity for the fluffies from shelters to find loving families. Thus, our mission is to help Ukrainian pets.

Our foundation and a wonderful partner Greater Good Charities supported the initiative with everything needed for the animals — food, carriers, vaccines, and medications. Each fluffy obtained a passport, a chip and moreover was properly vaccinated and sterilized.

Together with our partners, we do our best for the future of our furry friends!
Finally you can also keep on helping pets by searching for an answer to the question of how can you help animals. The U-hearts Foundation team often provides caring people with useful and rather cognitive pieces of advice so that you can figure out various ways to help animals.

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