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Our main achievements in 2022

December is a great opportunity to take stock of the year’s work.

We at U-Hearts decided to evaluate the results of our work and want to share them with you.

So, let’s go!

Thanks to our partners Greater Good Charities, ifaw, Pets Corner, Cocoon, Pet Food Competence Network, MWI, Chewy, Philips we managed to accumulate and distribute donations in pet food, medications, veterinary supplies and animal care products in total value of €2,8 million.

The biggest part of our aid is the pet food – thanks to our donors Greater Good Charities, IFAW, Pets Corner and partners Tribal Pet Foods, YORA, Canagan, More, Greenacres Rescue, Sense, McAdamspetfoods, Austria Pet food we can to source over 680 tons of food for the Safe Pets of Ukraine initiative in the value of €2,2 million. Together, we fed 81,445 cats and 103,508 dogs in Ukraine, with most of our disaster response focusing on frontline and recently liberated areas, where the degree of destruction and need is the greatest

We are supporting animal shelters, volunteers and feeding dogs and cats in Kherson and Bakhmut, Odesa and Kharkiv, Irpin, Bucha and even in the area around the Chornobyl nuclear power plant.

We have also donated €154,794 worth of animal supplies to shelters and volunteers – most important and needed items like electricity generators, heaters to keep the shelters warm during electricity blackouts, and transportation cages used to evacuate animals

We with Greater Good Charities and MWI Animal Health helped 10 veterinarians who had their clinics destroyed by the russian bombs and started their operations from scratch after relocation – by donating veterinary medical instruments in the amount of $44,277. And we managed to vaccinate 775 dogs

Our team and volunteers are tirelessly working to help the pets – who are suffering from this war in large numbers.

Our most important asset is your help! Your donations and gifts, your part in spreading the word about our initiative is what helps us do our jobs. Thanks to you, our posts were shared more than 500 times on social media.

A huge thanks to our information partners spottydog communications, Verity Hardcastle,Епіцентр К, Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin, Inc. and many others for staying with us, promoting and supporting our initiatives!

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Project manager at U-Hearts Foundation

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