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9 Ways to Save Abandoned Pets

To begin with, helping abandoned pets in Ukraine is not only a noble deed but also a key mission of all caring humans. In the conditions of the war, stray fluffies suffer from a huge number of additional problems: the constant shelling, the absence of any hide-out, stably the lack of food, etc. The worst thing is that poor animals cannot fully understand the danger that occurs around them. They are not able to defend themselves from all the challenges that appear in their way day after day.

That’s why people should understand that the point of helping abandoned animals in Ukraine is widely significant today. We should undoubtedly contribute to their safety and well-being.


Besides, we are the U-Hearts Foundation – a non-profit charity organization. Our volunteers work for the welfare of animals who lost their homes and families during the war. All our members firmly believe that the theme of abandoned pet rescue can’t be left behind as: “Animals, like us, are living souls”.

Our team has developed a system of logistical ties between distributors and volunteers, veterinary clinics, and shelters all over Ukraine. Thanks to this, we managed to provide significant food assistance to abandoned animals. We successfully delivered over 260 tons of pet food and signed a contract for the production of another 200 tons.

At present, the U-Hearts Foundation team focuses all its efforts on increasing the amount of aid for abandoned pets and figuring out ways to save abandoned cats and dogs. That is why we are looking for partners who would be willing to join this important mission connected with helping abandoned pets.

Who can become our partner and assist in helping abandoned pets in Ukraine?

  • A Foundation that works in the sphere of animal protection.
  • Pet food manufacturer that aspires to develop a culture of corporate social responsibility or can promote pet food supply (emphasize the necessity of providing food assistance for abandoned animals).
  • A financial donor who also aims to save abandoned pets.
  • Charity organization specialist who is looking for cooperation opportunities.
  • Everyone who can tell about the foundation’s activities to a vast audience that will be willing to ensure the abandoned pet rescue: mass media representatives, information platforms, and opinion leaders.

Finally, when being in search of partnerships, the U-Hearts Foundation team usually identifies and carefully analyzes entities that align with its professional mission and values. As we primarily aim to contribute to helping abandoned pets, we look for effective collaboration with people who possess the same goal.

How Can You Help to Save Abandoned Pets?

The variants of helping abandoned pets are slightly different and there are many of them. But we have decided to collect the most suitable and convenient ones. Therefore, below you can see 9 ways to save abandoned dogs and cats.

  • Support U-Hearts with Social Grants and Donations.

    Direct financial support is crucial for organizations like U-Hearts to carry out their rescue and care initiatives. Donations can be used for medical expenses, shelter maintenance, and other essential needs.

  • Donate Pet Food and/or Medications.

    Providing pet food and medications can directly contribute to the well-being of stray fluffies. Besides, the topic of keeping abandoned pets warm in the winter is a difficult one for us, so to ensure their positive state of health it is really needed to provide food assistance for abandoned animals. It is also possible to collaborate with U-Hearts to organize logistics for delivering these supplies to Ukraine.

  • Produce Pet Food for Humanitarian Purposes.

    If you have the means, consider entering into a special agreement with U-Hearts to produce pet food for humanitarian purposes. This can help ensure a sustainable supply of nutrition for rescued pets.

  • Share the “Save Pets of Ukraine” Initiative on Social Media.

    Social media is a powerful tool for raising awareness. Share information about the “Save Pets of Ukraine” initiative, including U-Hearts’ mission and how others can contribute. Use hashtags and engaging content to maximize visibility.

  • Collaborate with Influencers and Celebrities.

    Reach out to influencers, celebrities, and opinion leaders who have a significant following. Their endorsement and support can amplify the reach of the initiative, attracting more attention and resources.

  • Organize Fundraising Events.

    Host or support fundraising events to generate financial contributions for U-Hearts. Events can include charity walks, online campaigns, or collaborative efforts with local businesses.

  • Corporate Sponsorship.

    Engage with pet food manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, or other businesses related to the pet industry. Encourage them to consider corporate sponsorship or donations to support U-Hearts’ initiatives.

  • Media Partnerships.

    Partner with media outlets to secure coverage for the “Save Pets of Ukraine” initiative. Interviews, articles, and features can help reach a broader audience, driving more support for the cause of providing the abandoned pet rescue.

  • International Collaboration.

    Explore partnerships with international animal welfare organizations and foundations. Collaborative efforts can bring in additional resources, expertise, and a global network of support.

Continuing to Provide Abandoned Pet Rescue

Over 100 000 pets in Ukraine are currently in need of our aid. The foundation continues working to save pets’ lives, and we ask for your participation. Together, by uniting efforts, we will be able to meet their needs for food, medicine, and first aid products.

If you care about fluffies and are ready to keep on helping abandoned pets, fill in the form or email us at info@u-hearts.com.

You can also follow us on such social media platforms as: → Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.

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