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The Issues of Homeless Animals in Winter. How can we help?

Nowadays the U-hearts Foundation team is deeply concerned about the point of helping pets as they suffer from rather uncomfortable conditions. The weather outside is really cold and has a strong and in a majority of cases negative impact on an animal’s life.

While people are staying in their well-provided accommodations, homeless cats and dogs are literally forced to do their best in order to hide from severe frost. They also lack any opportunity concerning finding a piece of food. Therefore, if we don`t help Ukrainian pets, an enormous number of life creatures will die.

So, how to help homeless cats and dogs, a caring human would ask. Thus, how can we help homeless animals?

Several solutions are right here! The U-hearts Foundation team has accurately prepared plenty of methods that will help you to figure out how to effectively help Ukrainian pets. So, as one maxim states: “Let’s start. Will start”.

  1. First and foremost, the most convenient way of helping pets is to adopt an animal from the shelter. Although, in such a situation it is rewarding to understand whether you are ready to make this significant and even life-changing step or not. Every cat or dog is in need of care, attention and definitely costs. So if you want to help Ukrainian pets but can’t afford adopting an animal, it’s better to regard other methods of support.
  2. Providing the right first aid for a frozen animal is an aspect of which every of us needs to be aware. So if you see any cat or dog in such a state, at first you should wrap it in warm things with a heating pad. Then it’s needed to provide the animal with warm water and feed it. Keep in mind! You should not rub a frozen animal, due to the threat of damaging the tissues affected by cold.
  3. In addition, you can also help Ukrainian pets by building accommodations for them (booths or feeders). Furthermore, every human may also join the initiative of an organization which specializes in helping pets.
  4. Finally, making donations is always relevant. Nowadays an enormous number of shelters face challenging problems with providing food and other important material sources without which animals cannot manage. Day after day volunteers encourage you to help them with these issues. Therefore, don`t be aloof. You have a great possibility to help Ukrainian pets. It’s only needed to make your best efforts in order to realize such a deed

The U-hearts Foundation initiative is currently aspiring to help Ukrainian pets as much as the volunteers can. Our team does its best in order to provide animals with all needed things. Below you can see a warm review from the shelter which we helped. This comment really made a deep impression on us and now we are pleased to share it with you. The U-hearts Foundation team is definitely sure that it will touch you to the marrow of bones.

Provided resources: 1 generator and 3 heaters

From Dobropilya, Donetsk region, December 2022

“Like most of the country, we have not been spared problems with electricity. Like most of our strong citizens, we are adjusting, changing our schedules and stocking up. But there are things that need constant electricity.

Dr. Oleksandr Kocherzhenko is the only veterinarian left in the city. He constantly takes part in our measures to sterilize homeless animals.
Operations were carried out non-stop for almost all these 10 months. There is no way we want to stop sterilization, because this problem will grow exponentially if nothing is done. Especially now, when the number of abandoned animals has increased greatly.

Recently, there was an emergency power outage in the entire area right during the operation… Thanks to the skill of the doctor, the operation was successfully completed, but we started looking for a generator…. Not for ourselves, but for the clinic! Of course, we wouldn’t be able to buy it.
But after long requests, wonderful people responded! From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank the U-Hearts Foundation and the Save Pets of Ukraine initiative for the provided generator! This is a real treasure for us! Even words are not enough to thank you! Now we won’t have to worry that operations may be in jeopardy at any moment.
In addition to generators, we received heaters for mini-shelters, which is also very relevant today! Infinite gratitude!”

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Veterinarian. Director of the Operations Department of the NGO Element of Life.

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