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Sharing Human`s Generosity While Helping Pets

“In dark times you can clearly see the bright people.” E.M. Remark. 💡✨

This is Oleksii. He is a veterinarian who lives in the city of Pervomaisk in the Mykolaiv region. Oleksiy and his wife work in their own vet clinic and have been cooperating with the Public Organization “Territory of Good” for more than a year. This organization keeps on helping pets retaining their registries and dealing with free sterilization and vaccination of stray animals.

After the 24th of February, Oleksiy began to help Ukrainian pets even more actively, and there were a lot of requests.

“In summer, there was a huge range of applications from internally displaced persons (IDPs) from Kherson, Chornobayivka, and Mykolaiv. People left their homes because of a threat to their lives, and took their fluffy buddies with them. Some of the humans asked for helping pets by carrying out treatment or surgery. And we were really glad to provide the following assistance,” said Oleksiy.

“Besides, we have a story of helping pets which we are proud of due to the fact that the U-hearts Foundation team was also related to it. One day, kind-hearted people found an injured stray dog with several paws missing. We operated and cured him. And luckily, the U-hearts Foundation even managed to put him up for an overseas adoption. Now the boy has a beloved family,” shared Oleksiy and his wife, Svitlana.

Oleksiy not only sterilizes pets but also performs complex operations after accidents, helping homeless and sick animals. That is why the medical instruments he received from MWI became incredibly important and valuable!

Finally, it is widely rewarding to mention the following quote: “This earth was made for all beings not just humans.” Managing to find an answer to the question of how can we help homeless animals is currently very important.

Therefore, when thinking about the point of facing hardships, everyone should not forget about the irreplaceable significance of helping pets. This point is definitely worth our deep attention.
Nowadays animals also have various problems but can`t solve these issues themselves. Thus, the U-hearts Foundation team is keeping on persuading people to help Ukrainian pets, without any shadow of doubt.

It is possible to provide meaningful assistance in various ways. Among them are making donations, feeding stray animals, joining the initiative of voluntary organizations and so on. Remember to ask yourself the question of how can you help animals. The U-hearts Foundation team is sure that you will definitely find an answer to it.

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