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Helping Pets in the Condition of the War

The brutal war in Ukraine continues and while everyone is trying to somehow cope with the stress, pet owners should not forget about their four-legged friends! Nowadays and within the whole life helping pets is considered to be one of the most essential issues for every Ukrainian.

Suffice it to mention that our beloved animals can also feel such senses as fear and pain. Therefore, we need to make the hugest efforts in order to keep their state of health in a good condition. The team of “U-Hearts Foundation” have collected some tips which will be useful while helping your furry friend to cope with negative feelings.

  • Depending on the circumstances, give your pet the opportunity to either be close to you or hide. If you are not at home, keep an eye on the animal so as not to lose it.
  • Calm your pet down – talk with a soft intonation, offer a gentle massage or grooming. Communication with your friend will definitely help you to ease its feeling of anxiety.
  • If the animal is sleeping, it is good, do not disturb it. Do not train or play with it in this situation. And don’t forget about the significance of sleeping!
  • If it’s noisy around, consider creating hiding places where you can sit together with your furry friend. If you have an opportunity, take your pet’s favorite toys and a blanket. Also, it would be rather effective to save special games for your friend and keep them on the mobile.
  • Animals need to rest and save energy, they are good at it. If you have a dog, you will notice that it understands the seriousness of the situation and is able to adapt to it in its own way.
  • There is no need to keep the animal in a cage or enclosure all the time. Of course, it’s very nice if the animal is accustomed to being carried, however one of the best things for your friend is not to have giant limits in movement. In addition, your pet is going through a very traumatic experience right now and needs to be close to you.
  • The calmer you aspire to be, the calmer your pet will be. Rest, safety and staying hydrated (drinking) are the most rewarding things now.

How to help homeless animals

Nowadays, almost every Ukrainian is surrounded with a question: how to help homeless cats or dogs.

  • Of course, the best variant of helping homeless cats and dogs is to give them home and love. Each of them deserves to have a loving family.
  • If you don’t have a possibility to tame an animal, you can at least donate money to the charity organisations whose members actively help Ukrainian pets. One of these organisations is called “U-Hearts Foundation”.
  • The easiest but rather effective way of helping homeless animals is to feed them. They are usually forced to search for food themselves. Thus, you have a magnificent opportunity to help these animals by nourishing.

Finally, as one outstanding proverb states: ”Animals are like little angels, sent to Earth to teach us how to love”. Charity organisation “U-Hearts Foundation” is always ready to provide all needed instructions for you.

The war negatively influenced a chock-full of leaving beings. Although, there are those who need to be cared about the most. Undoubtedly, we should pay great attention to these marvellous and open-hearted angels so as not to let them feel anxiety or stress. Help Ukrainian pets, don’t be indifferent.

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Veterinarian. Director of the Operations Department of the NGO Element of Life.

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