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How can you help animals by cooperating with the U-hearts Foundation team?

First and foremost, U-Hearts Foundation is a non-profit public organization that works towards improvement of living conditions of abandoned animals in Eastern Europe. Our key mission is to improve the living conditions of our wonderful companions in Eastern Europe by helping pets with such sources as food, medical care, adoption and so on. Besides, day after day we firmly aspire to encourage humanity to work towards cooperating with pet charities.

In general, the necessity of searching ways to help pet charities is really wide. The U-Hearts Foundation is surely convinced that helping pets is important for several reasons, as it addresses both various ethical and surely practical concerns. Here are some key reasons why it’s crucial to help homeless pets:

  • Compassion and Ethical Responsibility: Animals are like humans, they surely deserve to live free from suffering and any hardships. Helping abandoned animals reflects our moral obligation to alleviate their suffering and provide them with a chance for a better and not challenging life.
  • Reducing Suffering: Homeless animals often endure harsh conditions, including hunger, exposure to extreme weather, disease, and various forms of abuse. Providing them with shelter, food, and medical care reduces their suffering and improves their well-being.
  • Human-Animal Ties: Taking care of homeless animals can enhance the bond between humans and animals. The act of rescuing and nurturing an animal can be a deeply rewarding experience, fostering sources of empathy and deep compassion in individual humans and even different communities. Many humans who aim to develop warm relationships with animals often tend to consult animal rescue volunteers. And these experienced people surely provide them with rather cognitive pieces of advice.

The U-Hearts Foundation team is also ready to assist you in helping abandoned animals as we deeply appreciate people’s desire to give a helping hand to fluffies.

Nowadays, we have to state that unfortunately due to the war, thousands of pets in Ukraine have been left without homes and proper care. We are said to help stray dogs and cats and take this issue into our own consideration.

Here you may observe samples of the U-Hearts Foundation voluntary work:
Almost 1462 tons of food have been successfully provided to pets in Ukraine since the initiative of ‘Save Pets of Ukraine’ started its activity. The network of aid recipients is able to reach over 100 000+ cats and over 200 000+ dogs. Almost 2896 of the pets are already vaccinated.
Suffice it to mention that such accomplishments are really considered to be rather weighty. Nevertheless, we must keep on taking the bull by the horns by helping homeless cats and dogs.
U-Hearts Foundation is currently operating in a challenging environment of emergency situations caused by the russian invasion. It has resulted in thousands of pets losing their homes and families, being rescued and evacuated. We are evidently required to take action by collecting joint responsibility ties.
Besides, the point of helping pets has always been regarded as an essential one. It doesn’t matter whether circumstances are easy or challenging: if there are stray animals, humanity is literally called to help them survive.
Unfortunately homeless animals are present in the majority of countries and it’s not a huge secret for us. The following situation is mainly caused by such factors as lack of responsible ownership, insufficient animal welfare regulations, inadequate education and so on.

So, how to help Ukrainian pets while cooperating with the U-Hearts Foundation:
1. First and foremost, you can help stray dogs and cats by spreading information on social media. Among the ones that are used by the U-Hearts Foundation team are:

What is more, you can also subscribe to a mailing list in order to be aware of the latest news connected with helping pets.
2. Secondly, pet food donations are rather convenient too. Any shelter can face financial issues (especially in our day and age) so there is no possibility to feed animals substantially. And we should surely help volunteers to provide fluffies with healthy nutrition and not lead to the tipping point. The following way of cooperating with pet charities really ranks among the best ones.
3. Furthermore, you can join a volunteer initiative and help homeless pets by interacting with them face-to-face. For instance if we refer to dogs, you can walk the animal. Regarding cats, a majority of them are truly fond of playing various active games with people, so you have an opportunity to enjoy the leisure and make the pet happy.
4. In addition, donations also play an enormously meaningful role in helping pets. You can make animal aid donations by following this link: https://app.payhere.co/u-hearts/u-hearts-foundation. Please remember that nowadays it is really rewarding to donate to animals in need.

Finally, it is widely needed to remember that: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” It is definitely rewarding to think of how we can help homeless animals. Assist the U-Hearts Foundation in saving the animals from the war. Our joint efforts can stop their suffering!

In order to make a donation to U-Hearts Foundation, follow the link in the bio. Due to taking accurate measures we will undoubtedly have great success and entirely know how we can help homeless animals.

We should keep in mind that even small noble deeds can lead to positive and even huge changes. And summing up, the U-Hearts are giantly grateful to caring people who help Ukrainian pets while cooperating with charity.

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