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How can you help animals by cooperating with the U-hearts Foundation team?

Our mission is to improve the living conditions of our wonderful companions in Eastern Europe by helping pets with such sources as: food, medical care, adoption.

First and foremost, U-hearts Foundation is a non-profit public organization that works towards improvement of living conditions of abandoned pets in Eastern Europe. Due to the war, thousands of pets in Ukraine have been left without homes and proper care. We are said to help Ukrainian pets and take this issue into consideration.

Here you may observe the samples of the U-hearts Foundation voluntary work:

Almost 590 tonnes of food have been successfully provided to pets in Ukraine since the initiative of ‘Save Pets of Ukraine’ started it`s activity. The network of aid recipients is able to reach over 66,445 cats and over 91,580 dogs.
Such accomplishments are considered to be rather weighty. Nevertheless, we must proceed taking the bull by the horns by helping homeless cats and dogs.

U-Hearts Foundation is currently operating under a challenging environment of emergency situations caused by the russian invasion. It has resulted in thousands of pets losing their homes and families, being rescued and evacuated. Here is required to take action.

How to help Ukrainian pets while cooperating with the U-hearts Foundation:

? By spreading the word on social media,

  1. Support our Christmas initiative – epicentrk.ua
  2. Donate clean blankets and pet bedding by giving it to any Pet’s Corner store in your city instagram.com.
  3. Buy pet food from our Amazon wishlist amazon.co.uk. Keep on helping pets!
  4. You may also support us with a donation app.payhere.co.

Finally, it is widely needed to remember that: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” and it is definitely rewarding to think of  how can we help homeless animals. Assist the U-Hearts fund in saving the animals from the war. Our joint efforts can stop their suffering!

In order to make a donation to U-hearts Foundation, follow the link in the bio. Due to taking accurate measures we will undoubtedly have great success and entirely know how we can help homeless animals.

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