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The Most Appropriate Food for Fluffies or how can you help animals by feeding them

Undoubtedly, it is very important to keep on helping pets as they also suffer from war. According to the U-hearts Foundation statistics, nowadays the quantity of street animals has significantly increased. In a majority of cases, aloof people leave their pets without any care and accommodation while going overseas. Poor animals have the only hope – to meet humans who will do their best in order to help them.

Let`s regard the question: how can we help homeless animals?

Luckily, there are an enormous number of ways to help Ukrainian pets. Among them are making donations, providing assistance to volunteer organizations which aim on helping pets and surely adopting animals.

Have we mentioned everything? – Not yet. The easiest way of helping homeless cats and dogs is obviously feeding them. This useful habit usually saves a lot of animals’ lives, thus it is said to be actively followed. People often come up with a question: “What food is the most appropriate for cats and dogs?” Suffice it to mention that this concern is rather precious while helping pets as it is needed to provide animals with well-balanced products which won’t do any harm.

Today the U-hearts Foundation team presents an article which is literally full of pieces of advice concerning the point of feeding stray animals. We are definitely sure that after reading this post, you will comprehend how can you help animals. So, let’s start!

Feeding dogs

Regarding feeding dogs, it is generally recommended to provide them with the following products:

  • Raw and cooked beef;
  • Beef tripe;
  • Liver and lung in boiled form;
  • The bird which is boiled or stewed, although, it is needed to remove tubular bones;
  • Raw ocean fish (it contains fewer bones);
  • Rice and buckwheat porridge;
  • Dry fodder of proven and qualified companies;
  • Preserves for pets, however, according to the manufacturer.

In order not to let the dog suffer from a lack of vitamins and useful minerals, a dexterity of additional healthy substances can and should be added to the porridge (which is also recommended for feeding dogs). One of the most common substances is meat and bone meal, which contains a lot of other useful compounds.

The food which is said to be forbidden for dogs is fried or smoked. Also, it is not recommended to provide these animals with chicken skin as it contains much fat and surprisingly – river fish. It is full of bones and can easily damage the internal organs.

Finally, now you know how to help homeless dogs by feeding them.

Feeding cats

Let’s consider some aspects of a well-balanced diet for adult cats. An animal should be provided with:

  • 70% of meat and fish special products — sources of animal protein;
  • 30% of cereals, vegetables, berries, greens;
  • eggs, low-fat dairy products which contain both animal protein and carbohydrates, so that they are also included in the diet, but in mostly limited quantities.

Besides, while buying pet food, always pay attention to it`s сomposition. Unfortunately not all manufacturers indicate the percentage of certain ingredients. The lack of such detailed description is the first sign of poor quality of pet food. In the following case, you can follow such a rule: the closer the component is to the beginning of the list, the higher its content in the product.

Summing up the U-hearts Foundation states that in order to help Ukrainian animals don’t mind taking some pet food with you when going outside. Or you can also provide some street animals with a bowl of water. Let it be your new-brand precious habit. Fluffies will definitely be grateful to you.

Finally, we have understood how can we help homeless animals and will keep on helping pets as they really need our assistance.

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