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Expedition to the pet shelters

Recently, our team made a short expedition to the pet shelters of Kyiv and the Kyiv region.

We aimed to find out and show you how shelters and people, who care about pawsome friends despite the war, live now.

We managed to visit:
🐾 Shelter for cats in Kyiv, Take a Cat
🐾 The first point of indomitability for pets in Ukraine, as well as Red Cross Shelter for animals in Irpin
🐾 Shelter-hospice for dogs by Anastasia Tikhaya
🐾 Shelter for dogs in the Babinci region

Thanks to our partners Greater Good Charities and Pets Corner, we donated pet food from Yora, Canagan, Symply, S6, Mc Adams brands to all shelters 🌟

It was a significant and emotional trip. We have to understand that fluffies need our support continuously, and even more they need family and love 🙏🏻

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