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Expedition to the Pet Shelters of Kyiv and the Kyiv region: how can we help homeless pets

Recently, the U-Hearts Foundation team made a short but rather significant expedition to the pet shelters of Kyiv and the Kyiv region. Our team primarily aimed to help pet shelters and to find out and show you how shelters and people, who care about pawsome friends even despite the war, live now.

Volunteers managed to visit and speak with chairs and visitors of such shelters as:

🐾 Shelter for cats in Kyiv, Take a Cat
🐾 The first point of indomitability for pets in Ukraine, as well as the Red Cross Shelter for animals in Irpin
🐾 Shelter-hospice for dogs by Anastasia Tikhaya
🐾 Shelter for dogs in the Babinci region

We figured out much about the work of every mentioned cat and dog shelter and the current needs of homeless animals. For instance, a chair of a pet shelter for cats says:

“I worried that the level of pet adoption would become lower because of the war, but luckily I was mistaken. People are still taking cats and giving them all human love and care. Regarding material support, the pet shelter constantly needs scratching posts, cages, dry and wet food, and medicine”.

It means that we should help homeless pets by supporting animal charity organizations.

This journey to Ukrainian pet shelters made us realize once again that these organizations should not be left out but usually supported. We should understand the necessity of contributing to the activity of every cat and dog shelter. So now let’s discuss how to help homeless pets by assisting animal charity organizations.

How to start helping the Cat and Dog Shelter?

This question is probably the most frequently asked one. It is not nonsense that many people don’t know how to take a first step into the world of volunteering. The U-Hearts Foundation noticed this point and thus, decided to collect the most relevant methods of starting to help pet shelters.

If you know any local pet shelter, you can go to it and learn more about the prospect of helping stray pets from its volunteers. They will surely inform you about opportunities to support their pet shelter and accompany you in your first steps in a volunteer role.

Or, if you are not aware of shelters which are present in your city, or want to choose an exact one, you’d better search the Internet. There you can easily find pet shelter official websites and even look through some vacancies which are usually posted on them. If not, you can use provided contacts and keep in touch with the shelter`s volunteers.

In case you live abroad and can’t visit a pet shelter personally, you can still search the information given on its official website and figure out possibilities of making donations. This method of helping cat and dog shelter will also work out and provide significant contributions.

What will I gain from helping any pet shelter?

An enormous number of advantages of helping any cat and dog shelter exist:

🐾 You can do both help homeless pets and improve yourself in different spheres among which are fundraising, mentoring, management, working in a group, and administrating.
🐾 You are given a chance not only to help pet shelters but also to try something new, for instance, to walk with fluffies, control their feeding, etc.
🐾You can also put something back into the pet shelter by presenting your ideas and carrying out tasks.
🐾 Last but not least, volunteering is a good way to develop your self-confidence. By contributing to noble deeds, you realize that your possibilities are unlimited and that you are worth the best.

Who can help pet shelters by volunteering?

Anyone can. Every cat and dog shelter values people’s desire to help homeless pets. There are only some restrictions concerning opportunities for personalities under 18.

Thanks to our partners Greater Good Charities and Pets Corner, we donated pet food from Yora, Canagan, Symply, S6, Mc Adams brands to all shelters 🌟
This trip was enormously meaningful and literally full of various emotions – on the one hand, a feeling of sorrow but simultaneously a huge pride for people who constantly help homeless pets. We have to undoubtedly understand that fluffies need our support continuously. They need even more – family and love 🙏🏻

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