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Expedition to the Pet Shelters of Chernihiv Region

From the first day of the war, Chernihiv was under heavy russian attack. The city is constantly shelled and hit with ballistic missiles. Unfortunately, a giant danger currently exists for both people and animals, especially stray ones. Therefore, our mission is to help homeless pets to cope with all the difficulties which are met in their life path.

Many animals were injured and abandoned, and the pet shelters also suffered. The request for supporting the pets was overwhelming and heartbreaking. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, we have been helping pet shelters and animal volunteers in the Chernihiv region.

The initiative which aims to help pet shelters

Now it’s time to introduce the “Save Pets of Ukraine”. It is an initiative which was founded in March 2022. “Save Pets of Ukraine” came from Kormotech company which produces food for cats and dogs. Nowadays this company struggles with challenges caused by the full-scale russian invasion. The key aim is to provide comprehensive assistance to animals through the provision of food, basic veterinary care, and the assurance that the animals are under the care of loving owners. So, the “Save Pets of Ukraine” initiative does its best to help pet shelters.

A visit to dog and cat shelters

Our expedition to dog and cat shelters was inspired by requests, sent to the Save Pets of Ukraine website. They were from volunteers who needed help.
Besides, our team was deeply pleased to meet such caring people in the Chernihiv Region. Each of them cares much about the destiny of animals from their cat and dog shelters.

Firstly, we managed to visit the home pet shelter of Olena and Anatoly, who take care of more than 65 dogs, some of which are fed in the city of Chernihiv.
Then we met Tetyana, the head of “Step to Animals” veterinary sterilization center. Just imagine: in the first month of a full-scale invasion, professionals sterilized more than 400 dogs! Tetyana`s motivation is to change society’s awareness and behavior towards both homeless and domestic animals. Like all the volunteers she hopes that people will help pet shelters without any shadow of doubt.

This veterinary sterilization center currently continues to help homeless pets, providing care for abandoned pets, treating them, and placing them in new families.

Svitlana, the founder of the Kotopesiki fund, also left an application because she cares for many pets. Caring people take care of the fluffies that settled in one of the forest strips: 200 dogs and about 20 cats.

Most of the beautiful creatures arranged by Maryna and the pet shelter ZooChance are those who have suffered injuries, accidents, or cruelty. Maryna treats and takes care of them.

Assistance, provided to Ukrainian cat and dog shelters

In general, thanks to our partner, we were able to give dog and cat shelters and animal volunteers in the Chernihiv region:

🐾 1137 kg of dog food
🐾 696 kg of cat food
🐾 11 cages for transporting animals
🐾 15 cots and beds

You can also make a powerful contribution to helping cat and dog shelters, especially by engaging with these organizations on social media. Shelters often post rewarding information on their accounts. Plus, remember that even if you can’t adopt or help pet shelters personally, you can still assist, for instance by following the shelter`s accounts and sharing their posts.

Overall, the U-Hearts Foundation team sends a million hugs to all of you, moreover, we are deeply grateful for taking care of the animals! By uniting our efforts, we will surely do our best to help homeless pets!

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