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Dogs vaccination in Kharkiv

Ukraine has become a symbol of bravery all over the world! The U-Hearts Foundation has yet another proof of how brave Ukrainians are…

Until February, 24, the Kharkiv city was full of life, energy and noise. Today, city and the region are suffering at the hands of the Russian invaders along with those who haven’t fled their homes.

Denys and his fluffy friends are some of them. Denys told us that more than 700 pets in the shelters of Kharkiv district are now in dire need of food, treatment and care. Denys is doing his best to help some of the pets. He receives pet’s food from the Save Pets of Ukraine initiative which he takes to unsafe places to feed the animals staying there.

The help we managed to provide the fluffs with is not only about food. The U-Hearts Foundation, along with our partners Greater Goods, purchased 1,000 rabies vaccines and delivered them to Kharkiv.

Under the threat of daily missile attacks, we have managed to vaccinate about 100 dogs in Kharkiv.
Everyone can be brave like Ukrainians:

  • Adopt a four-legged friend
  • Donate money to help pets
  • Share information on social media to make sure the media attention to Ukrainian animals in need of rescue won’t flag.

And remember: Pets can’t save themselves from war. But you can!

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Communications specialist at U-Hearts Foundation

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