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Cooperating with British Organizations

Breathtaking and encouraging news is waiting for you! Generally, it is commonly known that in difficult occasions, uniting efforts is the most effective way of helping pets. Due to our cooperation with the Pet Industry Federation – PIF, U-hearts Foundation got the first contribution from Great Britain, which was sincerely suggested by the Pet Family. As one prominent maxim states: “Do not eat before you have fed your animal”. Almost 16 tons of animal`s food had already come to Kyiv and will be distributed among the injured cats and dogs which were badly affected by the war. Thus, our animals won’t definitely stay without healthy and nutritious eating. U-hearts Foundation is definitely pleased with the fact that there are an enormous number of international partners who currently aim to help Ukrainian pets too.

This donation is the first step in Pet Family’s two-year generous Ukraine Animal Support Package, which includes regular shipments of donated pet food brands from McAdams Pets Corner Canagan YORA – For Pets & The Planet Symply Dog and Cat Food McAdams Tribal Pet Foods McAdams.

Suffice it to mention that volunteers of U-hearts Foundation are greatly inspired by the willingness of our partners in the UK with their huge desire to provide a piece of help. As winter approaches, it is rewarding to feed enough food supplies to continue supporting Ukraine’s animal shelters, animal volunteers, and families in need. Thanks to the generosity of our partners, we can simultaneously help more animals in need.

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