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A Brave Zoo Volunteer

Today, the U-hearts Foundation team will tell you about a brave zoo volunteer from Mariupol who is in the Dnipro region now and who keeps on helping pets. Her name is Anastasia Zadernovska, who founded the group “Initiative Zoo Protection Group “Animals as a Gift.” Currently, this group exists on Facebook and specializes on helping homeless cats and dogs: https://u-hearts.com/supportourwork/

The girl does everything possible to support animals in her hometown and encourages others to help Ukrainian pets. She travels to Mariupol and delivers food and medicine to animals there. Now it is very dangerous to go to this city because of regular shelling. Still, recently, her team visited 14 locations in Mariupol and took 23 animals to Dnipro. More than 2 tons of feed were delivered to animal shelters.

Unfortunately, this turned out to be a large sum due to the cost of the evacuation flight, transportation costs, and lack of funds. Also, 23 animals from Mariupol need treatment, which is also an expense.

Anastasia tells the U-hearts Foundation what happened after this trip to Mariupol:

“Then we paved the road on how to deliver fodder by carriers to support our remaining friends.
To date, in Smila, Cherkasy region, where I live, a project aimed at helping pets by carrying out free sterilization is being implemented. This is thanks to the “Happy Paw” foundation. This is simply a salvation for our city. Otherwise, there would be too many puppies and kittens left without any care.
In general, I already have experience in cooperation with the “Four Paw Ukraine” foundation. They came to us two times and also helped us with USAVA sterilizations.
Currently, the territory issue for establishing a sterilization center for animal care is being resolved. The initial amount for construction works is already available. There is even some medical equipment for the manipulation room.”

Also, another project that Anastasia covers while helping homeless cats is providing them with accommodation: https://u-hearts.com/supportourwork/.

The U-hearts Foundation team helped animals under Anastasia’s care with cages for 47 fluffies. Because it is our mission – to help Ukrainian pets and make them feel safe and happy!

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