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Adopting Homeless Animals

“Don’t breed or buy while the homeless die”. Suffice it to mention that the ongoing war in Ukraine has brought about a distressing humanitarian crisis that extends beyond its human population. Amidst the chaos and upheaval caused by the war, the welfare of animals in Ukraine has taken a severe hit, particularly with the rise in abandoned animals. The heartbreaking situation faced by these innocent creatures sheds light on the collateral damage that war inflicts on all facets of today’s society. But anyway there are currently an enormous number of animals in shelters which are waiting for their future miracle. The worst issue is that they turn out to be there due to not having their own beloved family.

While approaching possible solutions, the U-Hearts Foundation figures out that kind-hearted humans ask the following question: how can we help stray animals? Our volunteers are definitely pleased with the fact that people have a desire to help homeless pets

If you also have a strong desire to help pets, you may adopt one or a few from the local shelter instead of buying your future friend. Although, suffice it to mention that many people stay away from domesticating animals, thinking that all of them are ill. That’s not true. Animals from the shelters receive good care. A lot of shelters include vaccinations, parasite treatment, and spay or neuter surgery in the adoption fee.

Of course, there are animals with some trauma or behavioral problems that are mainly caused by humans. Nevertheless, a majority of these issues may be solved by being patient, providing special training for your beloved friend and developing a caring atmosphere around. Therefore, we can emphasize that by adopting a pet, you will help fight animal cruelty.

In addition nowadays, a lot of shelters literally help new owners by offering support to them and their pets. Volunteers keep sharing useful educational resources about adopting homeless animals which enable people to become more successful in interacting with pets. An enormous number of benefits of pet adoption and pieces of advice concerning this theme are being shared.

In fact, adopting homeless animals seems to be a rather beneficial form of helping pets, especially for your budget and desires. As a result, you will save your money, adopt a breed you want and make your future pet much happier than before.

Why is it better to adopt cats and dogs than to buy one? And how can you help abandoned animals from the shelters?

In general there are several benefits of pet adoption. The most important one is that you save lives. After all, homeless animals are at risk outside. They can be hit by a car, die of starvation or even face cruelty from the environment. Both: animals from shelters or just abandoned on the street deserve to have a home. So, help Ukrainian pets, don`t be aloof.

Are there any useful tips for helping pets to effectively adopt in the new environment?

  • They surely are! First and foremost try to prepare your home at least a few days before taking a fluffy home. It would be good to buy some necessary items among which are animal food, bowls, a bed and apparently toys (of course they should be safe for your buddy).
  • If you have decided to help stray dogs by adopting one or several of them, you can walk with your new friend around his new neighborhood before going home. This method will help a rescued pet adjust to the local territory and get a little more acquainted with you.
  • Rescued animals might have experienced trauma or stress in the past, so giving them time to acclimate to their new environment is rather crucial. After crossing the threshold of the house or flat, let your pet become acquainted with the space, although keep an eye on your fluffy companion and his reaction. In addition, restrict pets’ access to certain household items and plants that are poisonous in order to avoid their attention.
  • If you have other pets at home, introduce them to your new rescued animal slowly and under supervision. Keep initial interactions short and positive, gradually increasing the time they spend together. This helps prevent overwhelming your new pet and reduces potential conflicts.
    Establish a consistent routine. This method can help rescued animals feel more secure and confident. From feeding times to play sessions and potty breaks, a predictable schedule minimizes uncertainty and helps your new pet understand what to expect.
  • Positive reinforcement is a powerful tool in helping rescued animals adapt. Reward their good behavior with treats, praises, and gentle pats. This encourages them to associate positive experiences with their new home and family members.
  • Focus on the medical care that needs to be provided for your pet. For instance, by having your pet neutered, you will prevent the birth of unwanted animals. Moreover, you could be setting your fluffy up for a longer life, as research has confirmed that spayed or neutered animals live longer, than other dogs and cats. What is more, you can also manage pet insurance in case your animal becomes ill or has any injuries.
  • Expose your pet to different environments, people, and other animals as they become more comfortable. Proper socialization helps them become well-adjusted companions. Basic training, such as leash walking and basic commands, also fosters their confidence and obedience.
  • Spend quality time bonding with your fluffy friend through activities they enjoy, such as interactive play or gentle grooming. This strengthens the emotional connection between you and helps your pet feel secure in your presence.
  • The U-Hearts Foundation also suggests that you remain patient. Pets which were previously abandoned generally have their pre-formed character traits which may not only be positive. The main thing is to control your emotions and aspire to help an animal to get rid of some annoying habits which are likely to exist.

All in all you should keep in mind that each rescued animal comes with a peculiar history and personality. Be prepared to adapt your expectations and approach based on their individual needs. Some may need extra time to trust, while others may be more outgoing right away.

Remember that the love you will receive from a rescued animal is unconditional and there’s no difference from a purchased one.

Last but not least, this article provided by U-Hearts Foundation helped you to find an answer to the question: how can you help homeless pets. Nowadays pet adoption is becoming more and more widespread and the benefits are visible. Firstly you save homeless animals, encouraging other people to follow in your footsteps and secondly you find a faithful friend who is ready to stay with you all his life.

Furthermore, don`t miss the opportunity to visit local shelters, search for information about helping stray cats and dogs and help your familiars become more aware of pet adoption.

Finally, adopting a pet from the pound is really worth it`s while. We firmly believe that it will be twice better not only to find a new friend, but also to do a noble deed, saving someone’s life. After all, a lot of animals are waiting for someone to give their love.

The plight of abandoned animals in Ukraine serves as a stark reminder that the effects of conflict extend far beyond human casualties. The current situation highlights the interconnectedness of all beings and underscores the urgency of addressing the needs of those who cannot speak for themselves. And these are Ukrainian animals.

As the world watches the developments in Ukraine, it is our collective responsibility to advocate for the normal state of these animals and make a powerful contribution to their journey towards healing and hope. We are undeviatingly called to save homeless animals and help Ukrainian pet shelters due to the fact that both animals and volunteers are in need of help.

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Veterinarian. Director of the Operations Department of the NGO Element of Life.

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